I’m a game designer / developer based in Vienna, Austria.
You can download my CV here. Feel free to contact me at!
I’m also on Twitter.

Some recent projects:

Ace Ferrara And The Dino Menace

Self-directed, 2012-2014
A space combat game set in an 80s cartoon universe. I spent two years working on this mobile game by myself, creating all of its graphics, code, game design, writing, music and sound effects.
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Legacy Quest

Developer: Socialspiel, publisher: Nexon, 2015-2016
A mobile action RPG with a colorful low-poly art style. I worked as a developer/designer on this project, responsible for combat design and gameplay code.
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Legacy Quest: Rise of Heroes

Developer: Socialspiel, publisher: Nexon, 2016-2017
A reskin of Nexon's SRPG “Fantasy War Tactics”, with assets from our previous game “Legacy Quest”. I was the lead writer on the project, creating the main campaign's story and dialogue.
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From late 2007 to 2012, I was co-founder and managing partner at bobblebrook, a startup producing Flash games and later iOS games. Here's a small selection of our work...
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Talks and Teaching

I enjoy public speaking and have given talks at various game related events, as well as lectures at several colleges. Here's a non-exhaustive list...
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